The Foil

A Public Theater in Downtown Paris

The Foil is a public theater in downtown Paris. Being sunk into the ground, the building offers a public piazza by opening its tilted roof to the public.

Far from the conventional definition of a theater, the Foil plays on the inversion of the public/actor relationship. The roof, tilted on two sides invites the public to rest, while contemplating the spectacle of other pedestrians passing by. The street becomes a scene, where Life simply offers itself to be seen.

Under the ground, the theater is shielded from the light and noise of the city. The public enters through openings on both sides of the building, and accesses the lobby. Functions are pushed into the atrium’s side walls to leave space for the cafe. Behind a curved glass wall and its curtain, the auditorium revolves around the South corner of the building. At night the light pouring through the entrances invites the city in, while the piazza, lighten by floor-LEDs turns the roof into an urban stage.