A Rhino to Revit Geometry Converter

@ Flux.io

The Rhino2Revit app converts in one click basic geometric objects drawn in Rhinoceros 3D, into Revit elements, with preset families, while using Flux’ API to process the geometry.

I designed the early implementation of this web-app (front end, back end and UI), using Flux’ API, during my application engineer internship last summer at Flux. The app is still under development today.

Using Flux’ plugins, the user can upload the Rhino geometry to his/her Flux account. Then, in the Rhino2Revit app, he/she can select the uploaded project, and convert the geometry into Revit elements. Once in Revit, using Flux’ Revit plugin, the user can finally import the converted geometry to his/her project within Revit.

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