The Architect's Sourcebook, released June 15th, Available Here ->

Stanislas Chaillou is an architect, designer and AI-researcher

...working today at Rayon. His practice, publications, teaching and exhibits tackle the back-and-forth between geometry, artificial intelligence (AI) and culture. Trained both as an architect and an applied-AI researcher at Harvard and EPFL, Stanislas' interests lie in the weaving of design and computation.

His recent work focuses on Semanticism, a theory placing the encounter of Design and AI at the intersection of Semantics and creative Machine Learning.

Stanislas is today the co-founder of Rayon, a Paris-based startup building the next generation of space design tools. Through its collaborative, online platform, Rayon aspires to provide an updated toolset to the "architecture of the 90%".

Previously, Stanislas worked as an Architect & Senior Data Scientist at Spacemaker’s R&D department, and as a Machine Learning Engineer at Helix and Stanislas also taught generative AI at the architecture school IAAC, in Barcelona.

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Books & Publications

The Architect's Sourcebook: Dimensions & Files for Space Design

Book | with & Birkhauser, Release June 15th 24, More here ->

When Form Follows Meanings: AI’s Semantic Turn in Architecture

Article | Archinect, June 2023, More here ->

Artificial Intelligence and Architecture: From Research to Practice

Book | Birkhauser, 2022, 207 pages, More here ->

L’intelligence artificielle au service de l’architecture

Book | Le Moniteur Editions, 2021, 191 pages, More here ->

AI & Architecture, Towards a New Approach

Thesis | Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2019, 187 pages, More here ->

Semanticism, Towards a Semantic Age in Architecture

Article | in "Artificial Intelligence and Architecture", p. 188, 2022, More here ->

More articles and publications can also be found here ->

Conferences & Talks

Stanislas has lectured widely, from Harvard, to the MIT Media Lab, the Sorbonne University, ETHZ, EPFL, l’Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, IAAC, or others. He has given public conferences at the Moniteur Innovation Day, the European BIM Summit, the DKT Conference, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, and other venues.

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Awards & Education

Stanislas received his undergraduate degree in Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL, '14), and his Master in Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD, '19). Stanislas was awarded two American Architecture Prizes ('17) and the Architecture Masterprize ('18). He also received the 2018 ZGF scholarship for his past architectural work. He was also a Fulbright scholar, an Arthur Sachs Fellow and Jean Gaillard Fellow at Harvard University.